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We cover forth coming and on-going events happening in Delhi. They are from the reliable sources of the organizers and therefore up-to-date and accurate. Delhi Diary comes Fortnightly and therefore your weekend is set with a wide variety of events happening across Delhi. If you make Delhi Diary your habit, you will never feel isolated and will never miss out on any major event.               Well Categorized Directory            Delhi Diary not only covers events and happenings but also helps you guide through the city with important places listed. Delhi Diary can be your everyday guide as it features a well categorized directory. From hospitals to educational institutions, embassies, restaurants and others are up to date.  Not only these but also Metro Map, Delhi Map and other important features are also given for your convenience.                            The Platter of Popular                    Delhi Diary has the best associations to give the best and the popular. We serve you with the most talked about events in art and culture. Talks, Walks, Film Screenings, Concerts, Dance performances, Art Exhibitions, Photo Exhibitions and all that you can imagine, Delhi Diary is the place where you will find all this. We keep you updated for the important days and festivals as well.           

 In 2008 Delhi Diary completed its 50 years, thereby making it a veteran in the field which sees ample of new comers. All these 50 years, we have been careful observers of Delhi’s art and cultural panorama. We had a humble beginning with Leela Shukla pioneering all the efforts for the earliest what’s-on-Delhi magazine. She did this with verve and involved the entire family and the young people around her in this enterprise. In 1956, Leela had become an established tourism entrepreneur, thus Tourist Escorts were born. John Kennedy, his brother and sister were among the many whom they escorted to Agra on a visit. In 1958, when Delhi Diary was born, she involved herself completely along with her family members. When the copies arrived, Leela Shukla was her own distribution agency, going from hotels to homes with a happy good morning look and a Delhi Diary was personally presented.

After running Delhi Diary for ten years, Leela Shukla handed over the magazine in 1959 to Mohini Bazaz. Delhi Diary, a tabloid earlier, changed completely and became a handy magazine. Since then, it has been growing continuously maintaining its reputation. The late Melville de Mellow, then one of the best known radio voices in the country once wrote a message for Delhi Diary, “Delhi Diary is a pleasant habit of mine which I have indulged in from its very inception. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength due to the expertise, aplomb and genius of Mohini and her faithful band of helpers. Mohini has an uncanny intuition about what readers want to know-particularly readers in a hurry. This unpretentious magazine is like a welcome cup of tea waiting to be sipped and enjoyed.”

It was on May 31, 2008 that Delhi Diary celebrated its Golden Jubilee (50 years). The Golden Jubilee Art Show was held at Galerie Roman Roland, Alliance Francais. At this stage Ms Bazaz began looking for the right person to take the magazine forward. So it was that Mr. Golde Chhabra took over this onerous yet exciting task. Delhi Diary’s print version has maintained the reputation established by its early proprietors. I has been keeping the promise of weekly updates. Today, as the times have changed and magazines taking new forms and platforms, Delhi Diary has embraced this change as well. Therefore, besides the print magazine, Delhi Diary is here with its online version as well, with full coverage of events and happening across Delhi, thereby maintaining its old standing. The promise has now extended to the virtual world of internet as well. We hope to walk abreast our readers like a friendly guide with the best suggestions to plan your week.


Happy reading! Happy surfing!


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