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Lucky Stones

Birthstones by Pramilla Chhabra

A birthstone is a gemstone, made into a part of jewelry, either set in a ring, necklace or an armlet. Each stone traditionally is associated with various qualities that is synonymous with the birth month in the Gregorian Calendar.

January: Garnets give stability and are good for relationships. Indians recommend the Serpent stone for those born in this month.

February: Amethyst is for peace and harmony and the will to keep desire away. Indians recommend the Chandrakanta stone.

March: Bloodstone/Aquamarine enhance learning and helps the wearer to stand firm. Indians recommend Gold

April:  Diamonds help to retain innocence and eternal love.   

May:  Emeralds give domestic bliss.

June:  Agate for health, wealth and a long life. Indians recommend Pearl which is the only organic birthstone, whereas all other birthstones are minerals.

July:  Ruby gives a love life free from doubt and anxiety. Indians recommend Sapphire.

August: Sardonyx/Peridot stand for a life full of magical powers and healing properties, love and companionship. Indians recommend Ruby.

September: Sapphire that gives sanity, enlightenment and peace. Indians recommend Zircon.

October: Opal to solve life’s problems. Indians recommend Coral.

November: Topaz is advised for hope, energy and creativity. Indians recommend Cat’s eye.

December: Blue Turquoise for success, love and fidelity. Indians recommend Topaz. The word Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word Tapas (Fire).

A Hindu text from 1879 Manimala lists gems for each month.

Indian attribute gem stones with magical properties and relate it with the signs of the Zodiac to help people influence the planets in their favor.

Following are Gemstones advised for the Zodiac signs.

Signs             Period                      Gemstone
Aries:        22March -20April         Bloodstone
Taurus       21April-21May             Sapphire
Gemini      22May- 21June             Agate
Cancer       22June- 22July             Emerald
Leo             23July- 22 Aug             Onyx
Virgo          23Aug- 22Sept            Carnelian
Libra           23Sept- 23Oct            Peridot
Scorpio       24Oct-21Nov              Beryl
Sagittarius  22Nov- 21Dec            Topaz
Capricorn    22Dec – 21Jan            Ruby
Aquarius    22Jan-21Feb             Garnet
Pisces          22Feb-21March       Amethyst

A new birthstone must be worn on the day assigned to it:

Monday:  Pearl/ Crystal
Tuesday: Ruby/Emerald
Wednesday: Amethyst/Lodestone
Thursday: Sapphire/Carnelian
Friday: Emerald/Cat’s eye
Saturday:  Turquoise/Diamond
Sunday: Topaz/Diamond

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