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16 October 2018 l 05:37:19 AM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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Firecrackers & Diwali

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When you think about Diwali, the picture that directly comes to your mind is lights, decorations and fireworks. Although the tradition of fireworks is not old, yet it is now a vital part of Diwali celebrations and thus be it kids, youngsters or adults everyone enjoy the fireworks. Thus, today Diwali without fireworks is unimaginable. There is a belief that lighting firecrackers are a symbol of prosperity, good health and fun.
Today we have to do serious thinking about the firecrackers that make us happy, as in the same breath it would be right to say that there are ill effects of Diwali on the other side of the coin. Crackers are affecting all of us. It causes both air pollution and noise pollution.
Hazardous Sivakasi - The land of firecrackers
Indian Explosives Rules was enacted in 1940 and the first explosive factory was established in 1940.
Fireworks Industry estimated to be 2000 cr.
Employs about 4 lac people directly and indirectly.
Margins are very high in this industry.
Sivakasi is a Town in Tamil Nadu that produces approx. 90% of the total firework output of the country.
The hot and dry climate of the town is conducive for the firecracker and match making industries.
There are almost 400 manufacturers based in this city.
In spite of risks, Sivakasi has only one major hospital not suitable to treat the burn victims. Many accidents take place in this area and there are no safety precautions taken. The victims have to be taken to the government hospital at Madurai, which is 60-70 kms away which often miss the crucial lives of the patients.
A celebration should not disturb the elder people, scare the animals, risk young lives, foul the street or become a taboo for pregnant women. We deserve clean air to breath and a calm environment to enjoy a beautiful city - Delhi. 

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Firecrackers & Diwali

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