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Diwali Décor

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Diwali is the most celebrated festival and the decoration should also vary each year. The touch of colors altered in the fixed pattern could result in an overall new look. You can plan a theme party, opt for innovative candles or diyas, try making things out of waste, from colored tube lights to earthen lamps, everything is going to make a difference to the way your house looks.
Here are some ideas for your exclusive Diwali Decoration…
Sea shell Candles Remember all those seashells you have been collecting from your trips to Goa, it is the time to put them to some beautiful use by fixing some wax on it to turn it into a beautiful candle.
Diwali Diya Platter
Got a wooden board at home? Decorate it with ribbons, lace, mirrors, pearls etc. to create this gorgeous diya platter.
Flower bowls
Apart from the rangoli, this Diwali, try having flower bowls around the house. The fragrance, the beauty is something incomparable.
Floor Your Guests with the best Art forms Decorate your floor with the best. Use sawdust, chalk, coloured powder etc.
Floating Candles
A big glass bowl filled with water and flowers with candles floating will bring any space an aesthetic finish. Helps you stay away from the toil of filling oil.
Paper Chandelier
Try making one with
kite paper and bamboo sticks.
Dupatta Décor
Drape a casual dupatta over a solid table cloth and on that you can place, mats, lights and other decorative items.
Orchid Décor
An orchid plant from the yard transitions beautifully by simply placing it in a ceramic bowl and adding some Spanish moss.
Instead of using lanterns alone for outdoor décor, you can add some garlands and wall hanging as well. 

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Diwali Décor

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