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14 December 2018 l 11:01:14 AM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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For Noah

When : 16-02-2018 to 07-04-2018    

Timings : 10am - 7pm
Where : Akar Prakar
1st Fl. D-43 Defence Colony.
Event Detail

Sculptures by Prithpal S. Ladi.
Shillong born and Baroda trained Prithpal Singh Sahadev Ladi (b. 1955) is one of the sculptors, emerging in the Indian art scene after the mid 80s who through their praxis brought about paradigm shift in modern-day Indian sculptural activity. It is, however, not that they had no inspiring predecessors who defied naturalistic and formalistic norms, to prioritise their individual experience and reflexion of the here-and-now reality. In an autobiographical note Ladi has said that though his being born a Sikh, brought up in Christian surrounding, being able to speak several languages are not unimportant, are, nevertheless, coincidental. In the same note Ladi implies that none of these conditions, nor even the learnt axioms of doing things are essential. It is only the existence within these conditionalities that is important.

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