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11 December 2018 l 12:10:23 PM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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Altaf - A Retro

When : 01-03-2018 to 31-03-2018    

Timings : 11am - 7pm
Where : Delhi Art Gallery
11 Hauz Khas Village.
Event Detail

Altaf chose to align his work to a Marxist political ideology in which he was completely invested. Not only did he take his work to the Matunga Labour Camp and to slums in Bombay, he worked with mobile crèches, printed counter-revolutionary posters with his wife Navjot and their friends in PROYOM (Progressive Youth Movement), and refused to consider his visual practice from a perspective based on aesthetic alone, instead preferring the more deeply thought and felt arising from a level of intellectualisation rare in Indian art at the time.

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Altaf - A Retro

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