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Habitat Film Fest

When : 23-05-2018    

Where : India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Rd.
Event Detail

S Durga
Dir: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan.
Durga, a north Indian migrant and a Keralite youth named Kabeer are running away on a midnight. They are waiting for a transport to the nearest railway station to catch a train to a distant place. Two small time gangsters, transporting arms, offer assistance to the couple. The hapless “Durga” encounters a cross section of the society through the rest of the night. Parallel to the journey of Durga, another mysterious event intercuts in the film. In a Kerala village, devotees perform ‘Garudan Thookkam’, a ritual art form submitted as a reward for the problems solved in the abode of Goddess Kali, who represents Goddess Durga’s personified wrath & embodied fury.
Stein Auditorium, 6:30pm
Dir: Nanditha Yadav.
9yr old village boy Raju comes from a very poor family. His father is struggling with one acre land trying to survive with his family like millions of Indian farmers.
Gulmohar, 7pm
Shashi Kapoor Tribute -
In Custody
Dir: Ismail Merchant.
Deven was expected to write the usual about India’s renowned poets, Nur. What he found was the opposite. Will Deven’s presence initiate some change in Nur’s lifestyle, or will Deven himself become one of Nur’s lazy followers.
Amaltas, 7pm
Teen Aur Aadha
Dir: Dar Gai.
The story of one house in three different eras.
Stein Auditorium,

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Habitat Film Fest

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