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 Reading a book is a journey where your imagination can take different forms. You can get indulged in the Vocabularial stream, characterization or deep intellectual perspective that the book claims to project. So, it is absolutely true that when you read a book, your involvement in it paints your life and especially your emotions. Books have power over the readers. A young reader very often falls in love with the character when reading books like “Gone with the Wind” and its characters like Rhett Butler, who displayed great humor and sarcasm throughout the book; and then Ayan Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, the hero John Galt’s farsightedness is inspirational and you are bound to be in his aura. Talking about another classic “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, Atticus Finch’s compassionate and courageous ideals, fills the readers heart with similar feelings.


A decade of sensation for Harry Potter, revolutionized the world of magic. When you read Ashok Banker’s Ramayana, you are exposed to a whole new version of Ramayana. Moving on to the Trilogy of Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy – you keep thinking that these are the subjects to write about. Another book “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini makes a sad and soft approach to an ordinary life of an ordinary person, and you start considering it your religion. Also, on the other hand, there are books; you wonder why you read it on the first place.


On Book Lover’s Day (2nd Nov) this year, lets collect books, visit library and organize book reading sessions and search for new books around, and one of the new launches that is gaining praises is “The Ekkos Clan” by Sudipto Das. After claiming success at various other cities, the book was recently launched at Oxford Bookstore, Delhi, where the writer talked about the rich Indian History, Rigveda and its multiple layers of interpretations and how it is an anthology of poems, beautifully arranged. Sudipto wanted to come out with a literature flourishes with Indian history and decoded with secrets, his inspiration being Dan Brown. All his cultivated thoughts and inspirations are imbibed in the piece of literature he crafted. Ekkos clan deals with mysteries, history, linguistic/cultural differences, evolution of fanaticism, different hierarchies of the society, similarities between cultures, zest of knowing your past and a lot about Indian civilization. The book is a feed of intellect, facts, fiction and mysteries. His sole mission is to inspire people to read about our precious history, so he presented the content in a palatable form that would instigate the reader to know more.

About The Ekkos Clan:
It is a contemporary mystery novel dealing with some intriguing aspects of ancient Indian history. Kubha tells lots of stories to her kids. She has heard these stories from her ancestors. No one really knows where these stories came from. Many years later sometime during the nineties of the last century, long after Kubha died a gruesome death during the partition riots of 1947, her grandson Kratu, who is doing his masters at Stanford University, and his girlfriend Afsar, who studies linguistic palaeontology, figure out that the stories are not mere bed time tales. They discover that each story is rich in linguistic fossils and is actually in the form of a riddle which has clues to some explosive aspects of ancient Indian history that’s not well known. They also come to know that all the unnatural deaths that have happened in their family over the past hundred years were all murders. Some fanatic group wants to eliminate the entire family of Kratu’s to remove all traces of Kubha’s stories, which if exposed will change the way the fanatics want the Indian history to be seen as.


About Sudipto Das
Sudipto Das completed his engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1996. He started writing short stories and poems in Bengali and English while he was in IIT Kharagpur, where he also served as the Governor of Technology Music Society, Eastern (ETMS) in 1995-96. Having started his professional career in 1996 at Noida, he moved to Bangalore in 1997. Since then he has been staying in Bangalore. He is also a violinist, trained in Western Classical Music. He started the music band Kohal in Bangalore in 2007 with some of the members of ETMS.


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