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Khusar Phusar

When : 28-06-2015    

Timings : 7:30pm
Where : India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Rd.
Event Detail

Dir: Kuljeet Singh.
Prod: Atelier Repertory Co.
Cast: Satnam Gill, Vibhuti Tomar, Tushar Dhaundhiyal, Vidushi Chadha, Vivek Sharma, Ridhima Bahl, Feroze Khan, Karan Chibber, Nirab Jyoti Bora, Faisal Shah & Saranpal Ohri.
An Adaptation of Neil Simon's Rumors. At its start, several affluent couples gather in the posh suburban residence of a couple for a dinner party celebrating their hosts' first anniversary. When they arrive, they discover there are no servants, the hostess is missing, and the host – resident from the posh colony of South Delhi - has shot himself through the earlobe. Comic complications arise when, given everyone's upper class status, they decide they need to do everything possible to conceal the evening's events from the local police and the media.
Tkts: Rs.350, 250, 150 

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Khusar Phusar

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