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RIP Mohini Bazaz - The Last Journey
4 April 1923 - 28 July 2016

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Mohini’s name is synonymous with Delhi Diary. Most Delhiites remember her as the energetic and resourceful editor and publisher of this weekly ‘booklet of wonders’ that comes out every Friday and is so full of information that most readers carry it around and refer to it frequently. Her articles were proof of her extensive wanderings in India and abroad. In the last 35 years she has regularly familiarised her readers with travel destinations far and near.
Mohini started her career in Bombay, now Mumbai, as Asst. Editor of a fashion and beauty magazine. In 1949 she was in London and working at the High Commision. She met Cdr. Jagdish Bazaz in Chelsea; it was love at first sight! They married on 26 January 1954–a date, her husband quipped, no one would forget!
In 1955 Mohini went to Bombay and joined ‘Blitz’–a weekly tabloid magazine run by Mr Karanjia, a well known editor and publisher. She was a PRO, in which capacity she interviewed Mr Morarji Desai, who was then C.M. of Bombay State. She introduced ‘society’ pages in an otherwise staunchly political magazine. An example of her innovative approach was when she promoted the textiles of a well known Company by doing a cover with models draped in the textiles. It was a hit!
Mohini returned to Delhi in 1956 and joined Industrial India, a monthly, colour magazine based in Bombay; she was the Delhi Representative. In the two years she was with them she attended the Leipzig and Hanover Fairs, Germany – both of which were covered by the magazine. Then onto a five year assignment with WHO in Delhi as Briefing Secretary.....Mohini now had a bagful of varied work experience.
In 1969 Mohini Bazaz bought Delhi Diary from its previous owner and for forty years she nurtured it and filled it with new ideas, articles and crucial bits of information. She visited UK, France, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Israel, Turkey.............
Her work did not go unrewarded. She was honoured by the Himalaya Marketing Association, New Delhi, in 1988, for outstanding performance and contribution in the field of Travel Journalism and received the Priyadarshini Samman in 2011 – a Lifetime Achievement Award for “bringing the most popular weekly listings magazine, Delhi Diary to the citizens of Delhi since1969”.
In July 2008, Mohini transferred the rights of Delhi Diary to Mr. and Mrs. Chhabra but continues to work in an honorary capacity as Consulting Editor.

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RIP Mohini Bazaz - The Last Journey

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