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24 April 2018 l 08:11:09 PM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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World Dance Day, 2018

Azad Bhawan, Auditorium, ICCR,
I.P. Estate, Indraprastha.

29-04-2018  at  6:30pm

A celebration of Odissi dance dedicated to the World Dance Day by disciple of Guru Ranjana Gauhar. 

Dancing to the Eastern Beats

RWA Community Centre,
Sectoe 61, Noida

21-04-2018  at  5:30

Eminent Delhi based "A" grade Kathak artiste presenting an innovative Solo production " Dancing to the Eastern beats"blending Assamese folk instruments rhythm with technicalities of "NRITT" part of Kathak Tradition. ...



You will cherish a very important friendship or relationship in your life. A theme of union will run throughout your life. Patiently, you have successfully established a solid foundation but you will still work to expand your place in the world. Cert...



Do not let false psychic impressions overtake any situation. Spiritual insight is at an elementary stage. Things aren’t as simple as they might seem. There is a need for caution when making decisions especially of an emotional nature. Soon you ...



You will begin a new phase in life, hence it’s time to act with confidence and create a foundation for future success. Do not be in a withdrawn and reflective mode. Family matters will do well or there will be a definite change for the better i...



Spend a period of time in solitude to develop the inner tools for a life more in keeping with the inner truth. Break away from routine as this is needed in order to achieve your goals. You are confident about yourself and where you stand in life toda...



Fortune reflects an unexpected course of events. Something is happening or will happen that benefits you. Life is giving a gift, hence change is inevitable. Loose something lesser inorder to fulfill a greater goal. You will be open and ready to take ...



Help comes from young friends. You will receive some kind of communication at the right time, enabling you to take an important decision. You feel let down when you realize that your motivations and ideas are neither correct nor creatively powerful. ...



You are unhappy with the way certain cycles/ tasks appear to be happening at a slower pace than desired. Do not force things as the desired outcome will happen, but not at the speed you desire. Patiently tell yourself that you are a part of a greater...



Today all final decisions have been taken, situations have been concluded appropriately and a new phase of life is about to begin. Your thoughts and actions have stabilized and now you may take the next step on your path. Use your intuition, self-con...

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