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21 February 2018 l 02:44:42 PM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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6th Delhi Literature Festival

Dilli Haat
Opposite INA Market

23-02-2018 to 25-02-2018  at  2pm

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia will speak on ‘Education for Empowerment’ as part of the inaugural session. Eminent speakers, authors and publishers like Sanil Sachar, Ashwin Sanghi, Ashok Vajpeyi ,Somnath Bharti, Swati Daf...



You understand what is required to achieve and what you seek to accomplish. Career graph will shoot up. You are free to continue with plans and projects and will be helped in this respect by friends and allies. New insights into life will help create...



If involved with Arts and Performing Arts, there will be reason to celebrate. Financial /business affairs will be in order. This is all because of the efforts that you had put forth to accomplish your goals. You deserve a rest or vacation. You will e...



Do not try to escape from reality and the more pressing, practical, demands on your life. Depression and cloudiness obscure more positive feelings. Do consider whether you are harboring any negative attitudes about yourself or others that is holding ...



You have a positive future if you are willing to recall and remember what it was like to be happy- those periods in life that were filled with joy and contentment. An active imagination will not be able to separate what is real from what is fanciful....



Your objective in life should now be based on the need to express your true nature to the world around you. You will be protective of people/ things in your immediate environment. Beware of the hidden forces in your life. Things are not as simple or ...



Although there are separations and loss in your past, the situation is really for the best. Clarity of the mind is now very important so that the right decisions can be made in the lives of both parties involved. With fairness and justice further los...



Anything you set out to do will be accomplished, by using your inner will and intelligence. You will overcome anyone/ anything that stands in the way of achievement. You can increase success in life through a continuation in the development of a cert...



You have just received a good return on your previous investments. This is a good time for furthering business investments. Mistakes and errors in judgement that led to previous failures and defeats can now be corrected with proper insight. An allian...



Choose wisely when dealing with the need to overcome certain obstacles in your practical affairs. Financial affairs may have to be juggled and you will have to navigate in rough waters for a while before things begin to stabilize and take on their ne...

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