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You need to face a challenging situation, one in which you might be faced to compromise yourself. The power in the situation maybe greater than yours. Be careful. Take the advice of your allies, especially in situations that involve finance and caree...



You know the correct path to take in the current situation. Emotions and feelings are strongly involved in the situation. Transform your emotional nature of the personality into a useful tool. You will make changes in your outer life. You know the ha...



Strength and clarity behind your actions will bring rewards. You have done your best even if the situation does not come out 100% in your favor. You choose to keep things as they are at this time and avoid taking any initiative in the issue or circum...



Since you have found a way for your own spiritual development, the journey gets easier and leads to greater accomplishment. You will accumulate a great deal, all that you have hoped for will be achieved. All emotional blockages will clear away, makin...



You may inherit unfulfilled promises. Care should be taken so that the job in hand maybe completed positively. It is important to understand with precision and logic what has occurred in the past to lead to the current situation. Success is still pos...



It is time you considered whether you are harboring any negative attitude about yourself or others that is holding you back from your own sense of achievement. Make your life better by bringing co-operation in your environment. You have the ability t...



You have or will receive some kind of communication at the right time so that an important decision can be made. Soon you will celebrate a culmination of love. Life will be full of intimate relationships. This is a happy time. Life will give you what...



You are beginning a new phase of life, one that should be filled with positive growth producing activity. This is no time to be withdrawn and reflective. Act with confidence to create a foundation for future success. Remember that the creative forces...



You have just fought all opposition single handedly and today you need to keep on working towards your goals until you obtain the necessary information for success. On this journey support will come from your brother/sister/child/young friend/lover, ...

The 21st Century: Geo-politics, Democracy and Peace

Multipurpose Hall, Kamaladevi Complex, India International Centre
40, Max Mueller Marg.

31-10-2017  at  5pm

Release of a book by Balmiki Prasad Singh (New Delhi: Routledge, 2017) By Hon’ble Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu. Followed by a discussion. Collab: Routledge.  

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