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26 May 2018 l 11:00:06 PM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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Adventure Island


Sprawling over an area of 62 acres, is a world class amusement and water park. It offers some of the wildest and craziest rides – Cyclone, Bush Buggies, Flip out, Space Jump, Fire Brigade, Wild Wheels, etc.. Other thrilling Rides like Twister, ...

Rabindranath Tagore


May 7 1861 – 7 August 1941. Was the youngest son of Debendranath Tagore, a leader of the Brahmo Samaj, which was a new religious sect in 19th century Bengal and which attempted a revival of the ultimate monistic basis of Hinduism as laid down ...



Indians greet each other with Namaste. The two palms are placed together in front of the chest and the head bows whilst saying the word Namaste. This greeting is for all – people younger than us, of our own age, those older than friends, even s...

World Laughter Day 


It takes place on the first Sunday of May of every year. World Laughter Day is a free event that has been celebrated in Los Angeles since 2005. It was first started in India in 1998 on May 10, in Mumbai, India, and now takes place in a...

Why Food is Offered to Gods ?


Offering of food is taken as the preliminary step to reach the ultimate destination. Devotees attribute various qualities to God in human form and possesses the power to give the devotee whatever he desires with devotion. The procedure of worship and...

National Space Day


National Space Day is observed annually on the first Friday in May. This day is dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. The goal of National Space Day is to promote math, science, t...



It is one of the sixteen steps of the pooja ritual. It is referred to as the lighted lamp in the right hand, which we wave in a clockwise circling movement to light the entire form of the Lord. Just as the priest reveals the form of the Lord clearly ...

Why do we not Touch Papers, Books and People with the Feet?


To Indians, knowledge is sacred and divine. So it must be given respect at all times. Nowadays we separate subjects as sacred and secular. But in ancient India every subject – academic or spiritual – was considered divine and taught by th...

2 New Books Appreciating Urdu Poetry & Learning Spanish


‘Ehsas-o-Izhar’ compiled by Dr. Ashwani Kumar was launched by Dr. Hamid Ansari former Vice President, in the distinguished presence of Dr. Manmohan Singh, former PM, on 2 April 2018, at The Oberoi, New Delhi. Indian origin author, Shalu ...



You will cherish a very important friendship or relationship in your life. A theme of union will run throughout your life. Patiently, you have successfully established a solid foundation but you will still work to expand your place in the world. Cert...

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