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So far you were able to accomplish all that you set out to do with the help of a disciplined focus. But now you need to sacrifice personal goals or transform them. A young friend will come forward to help, by bringing new opportunities into your life...



Good news communicated recently will further your goals and aspirations. Now you will be able to control your immediate environment. Use your self-confidence, will power, intelligence and skill when in action to lead you to success. Your conscious mi...

Cool Down


Fresh Sugarcane Juice: This is available in every corner of a busy street. It is full of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese. It helps to replenish electrolytes and water. You may garnish it with ginger, mint and black salt. Chhaach: C...

Give Summer a Holiday in Tamilnadu


Ooty Ooty is located amidst the blue misty mountains of the Nilgiris in the state of Tamil Nadu and is one of the most popular hill stations in Southern India. The region was originally inhabited by the Toda tribal peoples and was later annexed by ...



KALAMKARI The work (kari) is done with a pen (kalam). Srikalahasti is renowned for the free hand drawn dye painted fabrics. A pen –split bamboo with a ball of rag, hair or wool to regulate the dye flow while painting is used. The fabric is res...

SPIC MACAY.... The Culture Keeper


The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY) is a voluntary youth movement which promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage by promoting Indian classical music, classical dance, folk musi...

A Day Like Any Other


It was a day like any other. She didn’t pay much attention to the way the sun rose over the city. Or how the temperature would climb two degrees per hour until lunch. Or how the green parakeets tweeted for the loudest in the banyan at the oppos...

Buy Art from Living Artists


If we could adopt this, a new and upcoming Artist will be able to breathe peacefully. An Artist’s journey from discovering his creative talent to making people realize his talent is a tough journey which goes through anguish and anxious moments...

Paraguay Independence Day

14-05-2018 to 15-05-2018    

This public holiday is celebrated on 14 May. The holiday lasts for two days. Known in Spanish as ‘Día de la Independencia Nacional’, this holiday celebrates Paraguay’s independence from Spain in 1811. Paraguay was first colo...

Mother’s Day


In the US it was nationally recognized as a holiday in 1914 after a campaign by Anna Jarvis. In some countries, it follows the old traditions of Mothering Sunday. It has become the most popular day of the year to dine out, and telephone lines record ...

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