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Nicolai Friedrich - The Best Mentalist Of The World

Orana Conventions, India Culture Centre


The famed German magician and mentalist, brings with him his repertoire of experiments, charisma and flair and promises to burn the stage with his remarkable presence. Do you believe someone can read your mind? Nicolai Friedrich can. Not only does N...



An initiative has been taken that will bring financial rewards. You have found a way for your spiritual development. It is a route that leads to greater accomplishment. You have energy, intelligence and insight required for success. You reach wisdom ...



Correct, with proper insight all the mistakes and errors in judgment that led to previous failures and defeat. An alliance will prove beneficial. Do not continue a battle when you have already accomplished your aims. All will be well. You will be sur...



You are experiencing a religious or spiritual urge. You know you need to make adjustments in your life, hence search for ways and means to accomplish this. Emotional help will come from a female friend. There is no danger here. There is instead under...



Any type of failure will act as a catalyst for growth if you are willing to face your weakness and change them. Soon all emotional issues will relax. There will be peace all around. Personal satisfaction and financial well-being will move one rung hi...



The past is no place to dwell, let the mind voyage through different landscapes engaging you in experience. Even though you are not sure of the destination or of the path, this trip must be taken and an unhappy past left behind. You do not require ea...



A disappointment results in changes of plans. Reassess the direction of your emotional life, needs and desires. Gather in your emotional reserves and take an emotional holiday. You can increase success In life by continuing the development of a certa...



Your imagination is very active, hence it is important to separate what is real from what is fanciful. Do not make castles-in-the-air, but initiate actual plans to increase emotional or material abundance. Alongside take this time to pause and enjoy ...



There is some measure of combat and conflict in life. The union between two parties will last as long as the mutuality of interest continues. Your creative urge will surface and a project will be successfully launched. You are free from past limitati...



You are determined to succeed in your endeavors. Success will come from your inner conviction and determination. A certain level of understanding has been achieved and a definite process of approach to life’s goals has been created. Stand firm ...

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