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Some disappointment has occurred in the past, regarding a relationship. Desires and needs may not have been met with fulfillment. Gain from this experience and remember that happiness is an emotion centered in the personality. If we get what we want,...



You have just gone through pain and sorrow which was associated with the realization that your motivations and ideas were neither correct nor creatively powerful in a positive sense. Self-pity and doubt is making you break away from people you were c...

From Royalty to Contemporary The All Time Favorite Biryani


With tender meat, long grained rice, and aromatic spices – the taste of Biryani is something that has been transferred from the quondam era to the present times, possibly in its most original form. This exclusive delicacy, that was once limited...

Delhi Monuments Through the Eyes of an Artist


Saranjeet Singh Sarna is an artist who assisted Sir Sobha Singh and B.C. Sanyal, he is an artist in his own right and looks at Delhi’s Monuments to put them on his canvas, thus turning history into his art story, all the while faithfully holdin...

Bihu, Assam


Bihu is a fast-paced, extremely joyful dance, hailing from the state of Assam. It is performed by young girls and boys during the festivals of Bihu, Assam’s three important agricultural festivals. The dance is performed to a twin-faced drum, wi...

Ghoomar, Rajasthan


Ghoomar is performed by Rajasthani women in colourful swirling ghagharas. The beauty of this dance is in the stunning pirouetting which go on to reveal the various gorgeous colours of the swirling skirts. The steps of a Ghoomar dance are carefully me...

A Visit to Bikaner House


Is the first encounter of the many magical and mysterious journeys awaiting the traveler and musafir who wants to explore and savour Rajasthan, once the Land of Kings, today a resurgent State, reaching out to India and beyond to the world. Bikaner Ho...

Caste of their own


Delhi is the third city I live in as expat. Washington DC the first, Belgrade the second. Delhi is more than ten times bigger than any other city I have lived in. A place of this size and magnitude inevitably has its peculiarities. One of the odditie...

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary


Fly Delhi - Guwahati and then go to Kaziranga Sanctuary by car which is a 4 hrs ride. We opted for Hotel Iora, a 5-star retreat which added to this splendid trip. Check-in for lunch as the food here is out-of-the-world specially their fish recipes. ...

Me Dam Me Phi


Me Dam Me Phi is one of main religious ceremonies of Ahom people of Assam. In Tai Ahom language, Me means offerings, Dam means the dead ancestors and Phi means Gods. So, Me Dam Me Phi is a ceremony in which offerings are made to dead ancestors and th...

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