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11 December 2018 l 01:22:48 PM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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Vibrant India

Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Rd.

15-03-2018 to 18-03-2018  at  11am - 7pm

Paintings by Sanjeev Kumar. 

The Journey of Japan – India Relations Since the Meiji Era (1868-1912)

Foyer Outside, C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, Quadrangle Garden, India International Centre,
40, Max Mueller Marg.

12-03-2018 to 25-03-2018  at  11am - 7pm

Photographs on the enduring bonds between India and Japan from ancient times through historical bonds of culture and religion, especially Buddhism. Even in modern times, the two countries have maintained friendly relations that have lasted more than ...

Water Birds – An Index of Wetland Health

Annexe Art Gallery, India International Centre
40, Max Mueller Marg.

09-03-2018 to 15-03-2018  at  11am - 7pm

Photographs by Dr. K. A. Ramachandran, avid bird watcher and photographer.  

The First Witnesses

Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex, India International Centre,
40, Max Mueller Marg.

08-03-2018 to 18-03-2018  at  11am - 7pm

Vijay S. Jodha attempts to represent the women who are victims as well as the closest observers in the large-scale and on-going agrarian crisis in India, which has led to farmers’ suicides. Each woman, a first-hand witness to a personal tragedy...

Frog Fest

172 B, Lodhi Rd.

01-03-2018 to 30-04-2018  at  10am - 6pm

WWF-India presents a spotlight on amphibian conservation with a unique exhibition of Frog artefacts by Seema Bhatt. Cur: Aditya Arya & Mamata Pandya.  

For Noah

Akar Prakar
1st Fl. D-43 Defence Colony.

01-03-2018 to 07-04-2018  at  10am - 7pm

Sculptures by Prithpal S. Ladi. Shillong born and Baroda trained Prithpal Singh Sahadev Ladi (b. 1955) is one of the sculptors, emerging in the Indian art scene after the mid 80s who through their praxis brought about paradigm shift in modern-day In...

Step Inside and You are no Longer a Stranger | A Retro: Fifty Years

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art
145, DLF South Court Mall, Saket.

01-03-2018 to 30-06-2018  at  10:30am - 6:30pm

By Vivan Sundaram. 

Altaf - A Retro

Delhi Art Gallery
11 Hauz Khas Village.

01-03-2018 to 31-03-2018  at  11am - 7pm

Altaf chose to align his work to a Marxist political ideology in which he was completely invested. Not only did he take his work to the Matunga Labour Camp and to slums in Bombay, he worked with mobile crèches, printed counter-revolutionary po...


Art Konsult
3, Gr. Fl, Hauz Khas Village.

01-03-2018 to 25-03-2018  at  11am - 7pm

Falls in Love with India Artists: Puspa Rao, Raju, Mukesh, Layla Chitrakar, Mamoni Chitrakar, Mantu Chitrakar, Prabir Chitrakar, Sonya Chitrakar, Soumon Chitrakar, Tagar Chitrakar, Anand Kumar Shyam, Gariba Singh Tekam, Lilesh Kumar Urveti, Kala Baj...

Poetry of Longing

Hotel Pullman

01-03-2018 to 16-03-2018  at  11am - 9pm

Artists: Sanjay Bhattacharya, Jehangir Sabawala, Seema Kohli, Sanjay Soni, Nagesh Ghodje & Hindol Brahmbatt. Show inspired by life, lost childhood, a remembered landscape and images etched in the psyche. 

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