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No Such Thing

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg

19-05-2018  at  6:30pm

In May 2017, a group of writers from across India were invited to a 2-week residential workshop with the purpose of writing new plays for children and young people. Conceived between Ranga Shankara, Bangalore, and Yellowcat Theatre, Delhi, and suppo...

Teachers’ Meet

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg

18-03-2018 to 19-03-2018  at  9am - 4pm

Topic: Sprache & Rhythmus. Mr. Mathias Perner from the Leibniz University, Hannover will train participating teachers on how can they use rhythm in their German classroom.  

Footnotes on Docu. Practice

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg.

31-08-2017 to 01-09-2017  at  11am

The Beginnings of Enquiry This is a proposal for Unravelling, Gleaning and Fragmenting as modes of enquiry into documentary film. Footnotes on Documentary Practice invites conversations and questions around seeing, framing, thinking and listening to...

Explore Germany!

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, K.G. Marg.

31-07-2017  at  9am - 11am

The students of class IX will get a chance to participate in activities.  

New Text

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
KG Marg.

26-05-2017  at  7pm

Two new books - Amrita Nandy’s Motherhood at a Slant: The Voluntary Non-Mother and the Alternative Mother and Manjari Katju’s Hinduising Democracy: Vishva Hindu Parishad in its Forward Journey. Amrita Nandy explores the issue of motherh...

Cultures of the Curatorial

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg.

21-04-2017  at  6:30pm

English This is a postgraduate part-time program, founded in 2009, which combines application-oriented research practice with theoretical reflection. It is conceived for people with different disciplinary and professional backgrounds.  

Abhyas Somatics Lab

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg.

08-04-2017  at  6pm - 9pm

Glimpses of practice-in-progress by Navtej Johar. As one scans and maps the body in a detailed manner, by attending to the physical structure of the skeleton, the size, shape and weight of the bones, the contours and range of the joints, the elastic...

Germany-Land of Inventors

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg.

01-02-2017  at  9am - 6:30pm

Erfinderland Deutschland: 

Tibet – Theocracy to Democracy

Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg.

04-04-2016  at  7pm

The Tibetans in exile are a successful refugee society, integrated in settlements and numerous institutions to preserve their culture in music and dance, art, handicrafts, in schools with Tibetan as medium of instruction, colleges, libraries, centres...


Siddhartha Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan
3, KG Marg.

01-11-2015 to 13-11-2015  at  10am - 6pm

Through this issue, Pix will seek to understand photography’s role in evolving visual histories that run parallel to news media, in a country where documentary and evidence photography have more likely been the predominant forms. Can current vi...

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