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oxford Bookstore
N 81, Connaught Place.

23-05-2018  at  6pm

A talk on the book - Bites by Yvo Kühling, a book dedicated to a place called Delhi. Organised by Delhi Diary.  

Anguliyon ka Orchestra

Oxford Bookstore
N-81, Outer Circle, CP.

06-11-2015  at  6pm

Collab: Japan Foundation. Entry Free 

Until the Lions

Oxford Bookstore
N-81, CP.

14-10-2015  at  6:30pm

The Park’s New Festival 2015 Paris-based poet and author Karthika Nair will launch her latest book on poetry which depicts an account of the Mahabharata war in 18 different voices.  

Yonatan Berg in conversation with Sudeep Sen

Oxford Bookstore
N-81, Connaught Place.

13-10-2015  at  6pm

Yonathan Berg, born in 1981 is an Israeli poet/novelist. He has published two books of poetry and is the youngest poet to receive the Yehuda Amichai Poetry prize for his debut book Hard Sails.  

Nuances of Drama Writing: Quality & Creativity

Oxford Bookstore
N 81, CP.

31-07-2015  at  6pm

Danish Iqbal in conversation with K.K. Kohli. Presented by Delhi Diary. 

LGBT on Threshold of Empowerment

Oxford Bookstore
N81, Connaught Place

28-05-2015  at  5pm

Collab: Oxford Bookstore & Delhi Diary. 

Head to Toe Science

Oxford Bookstore
N – 81, Connaught Place

24-05-2014  at  11am -12.30pm

Children discover the intricacies of the most amazing machine – the human body! They find out how much blood their voice box works, how many bones they have, how thousands of “tasters” on their tongues help them distinguish flavours...

Detective Science

Oxford Bookstore
N-81, Connaught Place


Ages: 6 to 9 years 11am - 12.30pm Science Bytes: All About Air Ages: 4 to 6 years 11.30am to 1pm Bring real-life science into children’s lives with this fun and interactive workshop. Fees: Rs 600  

The Ekkos Clan
Launched at Oxford Bookstore

Oxford Bookstore
N 81, Connaught Place,


Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place hosted a stimulating discussion around the book ‘The Ekkos Clan’, authored by Sudipto Das.   About the book The Ekkos Clan is a magnificient mythological fiction, where there ar...


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