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14 December 2018 l 10:34:30 AM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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Handy Hindustani

Going to a foreign country and not knowing the language there,can be a drawback. Learning the language is not a one day game. But, you can always rely on the functional day-to-day words. If you are a tourist in India it is all the more important. Delhi Diary comes to your rescue and recommends you to learn some handy words before you step out of your hotel.

Greeting                        Namaste
How are you?              Aap kaise hain?
Yes                                Jee haan
No                                 Nahin
Please                         Kripya
Thank you                   Dhaniyawad / Shukriya
What is your name? Aap ka naam kya hai?
My name is….            Mera naam hai…
How much is it?        Keetni keemat hain?
How Many?                 Kitne?
What                            Kyaa?
Good                           Achha
Bad                              Bura/kharab
Here                             Yahaan
I do not want               Mujhe nahin chahaiye
I do not have               Mere paas nahin hai
Give me                       Muhje do
Excuse me                  Maaf keejiye
Stop                              Rooku/thehriyai
Slowly                          Dheeray/Aahista
Come here                 Yaahan aayiye
I don't know                Mujhe nahin maloom
See you again            Phir melenge
Cold                             Thanda
Hot                               Garam
Water                           Paani
Tea                               Chai


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