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Luck this Fortnight

From 16-11-2015 to 30-11-2015

Fortnight Tarot Readings By Pramilla Chhabra   

When you pick up a pack of playing cards, you probably would not have realized that it is a modern version of the Tarot. People all over the world spend countless hours playing cards surrounded by an act of social communication. Gamblers have lost and won fortunes, rulers have won lost kingdoms, and people have lost friends. Tycoons have built casinos for this purpose alone and cities have sprung up to promote gambling. Spades are swords, hearts (cups), diamonds (coins) and clubs (wands). Can you imagine this simple and emotionally charged past time is surrounded in ancient history and symbolism. A tarot pack consists of 78 cards – of these 22 form the Major Arcana and 56 form the Minor Arcana. These 56 cards over the time got transformed into 52, when the Page and Knight cards were merged into Jack. The use of Tarot for foretelling of future was spread by the gypsies throughout Europe. In the late 19 century especially in England, France & USA, a search was begun into the ancient wisdom. This is when the Western Kabalistic tradition was established and work was done on Tarot and its spiritual implication. It was believed that by contemplation on the hidden meanings of the Tarot especially the Major Arcana, a person could achieve a level of consciousness that could guide their life situations and processes.


Safeguard all that you stand for and all that you have created. Your characteristics make you stand out in the crowd- your individuality, self-projection, enterprise and expression of personal will. Your courage and forthright nature will be constant. All activity must be backed up by action. Abundant energy is available for all plans/projects but use control to make sure that the use of power is coming from the right source. Be Calm!


New insights into life will help create additional possibilities for success in the present or future ventures. You will connect with another person in a favorable way. Alliance and friendships will help attain a mutual goal. This is a good time to resolve any outstanding difference that may still remain. Your opponents will be sidelined and you will be free to move forward. Soon it will be celebration time when there will be joy and contentment. Share Happiness Around!


A temporary phase of dejection, unfulfillment in a relationship and a problem at home will have to be endured. You will be unhappy when you don’t get what you want and happy when you do get it. Joy is a sustaining quality of the soul. Disappointment will be based on your attachment to a certain form of love. If you can perceive beyond the form of desires, you can achieve the gift of joy. Change your previous attitudes and learn the lesson that is asking to be learnt. Concentrate!


Your heart will get wounded and torn. A necessary dissolution of partnership/friendship has to take place before there can be any new alliance formed. The circumstances are not pleasant as each party will go his/her separate way, inorder to pursue self-interest. Some conflicts are unavoidable before any new project may be undertaken. Inspite of all this, the situation is really for the best. A better situation is on the way, once the current set of circumstances are resolved. Clarity of Mind is Required!


Let your mind travel through different landscapes and you will then journey to new possibilities of experience. If your ideas remain the same, then you will never leave the house you were born in. You will come out of a difficult experience. So challenging that you must take a chance and travel to a new place, either in body or mind. You could be unsure of the path or the destination but this trip must be taken. Leave the unhappy Past, Behind!


Your house will be blessed and people will feel safe, secure and happy. Duality will cease and give way to an abundance that real unity brings to life. All is well. You are surrounded by loving circumstances and positive relationships. All plans get completed to a more than satisfactory point. Money will be made through positive and creative inspiration. You now need to work hard inorder to achieve your goal, but the chosen path is the correct one! Life is Harmonious!


You know the truth of the meta physical law- “Energy follows thought.” Your statuts in life is based on money. An over emphasis on money has turned your heart cold. You are capable of more subtle feelings but hold them back. These days you think you are forced to compromise yourself to every situation. The power in the situation is greater than your own. Defend what you have earned and strengthen basic life values. Be Careful.


You will be closely in touch with the creative processes of life. You will be supportive of the people close to you and happy to share your many skills and talents. Investment and enterprises will get your support. Hence this is a good period to move ahead with your plans as help is close at hand. Monetary support will come from friendly sources. Avoid complacency and be alert and on your guard 24 x 7, as there are factors out who could work against you. Be Alert!


You are not the most practical of all people, infact you are someone in need of learning the more pragmatic aspects of life. Shortly you will receive a positive message, often financial. It comes at the right time, allowing you to make an important decision. You come across young people who need financial support. Quoting Shakespeare- “How far that little candle throws its beams!  Remember, Problems are the price of Progress!


Your life is at a stage of experience in which final decisions have been made, a conclusion to the situation in question is at hand and a new phase of life is about to begin. You have come to an understanding with yourself. This is thus a period of reaching out to the next set of goals and opportunities. Do not waste time on what has already happened. It is finished. Look at what has been done, as a stepping stone for the future. Begin Anew!


There is a very important friendship or relationship in your life. The theme of union and connectedness are running throughout your life at this time. Fortune reflects an unexpected course of events. It will be a surprise, over which you have no control. The circumstances of this surprise may have nothing to do with what you deserve or have worked to achieve. Life is giving you a gift, which is beyond reason and logic, hence change is inevitable. Accept Everything!


There is a man in your life, his advice is to be trusted. He is a valuable ally, a wise teacher and a fine friend. His counsel is especially valuable in situations that involve finances and career moves. You will shortly receive some very good news that will push your goals and aspirations further. The time is ripe to explore possibilities in all directions. Remember you have the ability to manifest a greater awareness of the more subtle structures of life, without the conflict of duality! Use Self-Control!


1 = Beginnings, of original action or of creativity   2 = Union, imagination and conception   3 = Expression or self expression   4 = Hard work, careful planning, unconventional behavior, sudden unexpected events   5 = Movement, excitement and adventure   6 = Harmony, balance and adjustment of quiet circumstances ...  more »

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