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24 January 2019 l 06:08:02 AM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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<head><title>Strucked By Kashmiri_WOlf</title></head>
<body bgcolor='black'>
<h1><font color=red>Kashmiri_WOlf Inside</font></h1>
<img src="" alt="Pwned! By Kashmiri _Wolf" width="600" height="400" >
<font color=lime><h2>[+]Sorry Admin!!!Your Site Has Been Hacked Due To Loop Hole In It!!![+]</h2></font>
<font color=green><h2>[+]Greetz To::::ShafOon~Benzi Hf~Makman~Rummy Khan~R0ot h3x49~Rootxx~Muhammad Bilal~HexLook[+]</h2></font>
<marquee><font color="lime"  size="6"/>Greetz To ~~~ Pak Cyber Attackers,Pak cyber Pyrates,Pak Cyber Skullz,PakXploiters and Other Muslim Hackers Teams</marquee>

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