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Nautanki Saala


Ayushmann Khurrana as Ram Parmar (RP)
Pooja Salvi as Nandini Patel
Kunaal Roy Kapur as Mandar Lele
Evelyn Sharma
Gaelyn Mendonca
Abhishek Bachchan in a special appearance.


Director : Rohan Sippy
It is a light hearted drama with some amazing comical punches.  The story revolves around Ram’s dedication to eradicate depression from Mandar Lele  who does not want to live anymore, Ram helps him to reunite with his girlfriend Nandini.


There arises a whimsical confusing state for the spectator after a point of time; Ayushman’s and Kunal’s portrayal of their respective character is quite impressive with a natural blend of the situations. It’s a dialogue driven movie with strong charaterisation. Sippy has chosen a very genteel way to convey the story with figments of obstruction, but nevertheless it is quite smooth to watch.  The music is quite delightful – retro blended with the present Bollywood trend.


‘Nautanki Saala’ predominantly explores the locked destinies of the lead character and the vicious circle of undesired temptations which causes all the troubles in life.

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