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Shunyo Awnko @Habitat Film Festival

Dir : Gautam Ghose


Mins : 150


Shunko Awnko portrays the paradoxical socio-political situation which is undergoing tremors, as the run for making naked ugly profit is speeding without any human consideration.


Director Gautam Ghose has consolidated several ground realities that India is facing today. The spectrum of constantly poking issues is not limited to a segment but the virus is inflicting humanity every moment. The dehumanized pendulum of selfishness strikes different corners of terrorism, naxalism, biased politics and troublesome agendas.  The script has cleverly showcased its intellect by inserting secular sayings of great thinkers and positioning humanity above all causes of obliteration.


The film is divided into 10 segments; which are all emotionally connected. The last segment eventually reaches a void, a black hole which absorbs everything and the elements collide together to cause darkness. Raka ( Konkona Sensharma) plays an inquisitive journalist who dares to capture the war of survival in north east and Agni ( Priyanshu Chatterjee) who is entangled between righteousness of point of views; whether to create an inclined plane for the tribal crowd to go homeless in the name of sustainable development or to protect their rights, their natural habitat and ripened culture. Agni’s wife Jhilik ( Priyanka Bose) is a lonely woman who is craving for momentary happiness, and striving hard to snatch some time from her husband’s busy schedule. Mr. Chowdhary (Soumitra Chatterjee) is a well thought mature and credible character; he appreciates literature and follows science to stand on his rational views after losing his son to the age old issue of Kashmir, while his wife Mrs. Chowdhary ( Lolita Chatterjee) has been unable to detach herself  from the love strings that delicately stabled Lolita and her son, thus sinking her into moments of passionate psychological disorder that left her trapped in his memories. Altruism, well capsulated in the character of Dr. Prabal Roy (Dhritiman Chatterjee) .


The film is a walking lullaby, a poetic description of raw animosity, greediness, selfishness and ‘human consciousness, cinematography emphasizing on the lyrical rhythm and music being embedded with intricacy at the desired place. While talking to Delhi Diary, Gautam said, the movie is all about human emotions and bonding, inspiration being his feeling of patriotism. The film is about the existence of composite culture, tolerance, echo of basic human values and on the true sense of being diverse and yet connected.

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