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Every movie churned out by Bollywood is supposedly according to its director and script writer- ‘’My movie is unique and different. It has a completely different theme and begins from a novel premise that has never been attempted before’’.

Well, beginning from this premise, the movie is trendy and trying to stick to sure-hit formula of peppy songs, heroine who tries to look like gen-next and least said about the hero. One wished that the producers had chosen Ranbir Kapoor or even a lesser Kapoor – may be Shahid, but Dhanush does not gel well with one’s image of a hero. Don’t blame Zoya(Sonam) for choosing Jasjit(Abhay Deol) rather than the spindly legged Kundan(Dhanush).

The good thing about the movie was the first half, Abhay Deol, Sonam, the hip-hopping songs, Murari the friend of Kundan (Dhanush) and his spicy sister Bindiya and the stinging dialogues were the icing on the cake.

The movie when it changes its venue from Banaras to Delhi goes totally off the mark and is like the arrow that lands in total oblivion.


I wish films had the option of RS 150/- for viewing up to interval terms. They would be successful in getting crowds like us.


Do we recommend Ranjhana for viewing? - Ok. If you have nothing better to do or see.

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