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Ship Of Theseus

3 short stories woven together by the first Premise that if a ship has its parts changed, would it still be the same ship?


The question herein arises that is the whole important or the part? Should an entity be qualified by its projections as one complete entity or should one justify oneself part by part? Don’t parts come together and make a person or does a person crumble down because one part is not functioning as desired and the need to replace it arises for the very life of the being? Is changing your parts an ethically or morally justified action? Can a person who accepts another persona organ becomes inferior in his own eyes? So on and so forth. One could go on with such questions & this is because this intelligent foray in celluloid gives you this liberty and inspiration. An extremely well made film with actors who beside looking real, also act as real persons. They have all acted as if they were living real life situations. They looked genuine moved about like easily and not like mannequins. To be normal, is to be whole. If you are divided into parts, then you are not consistent, not devoted to events and hence a confused & ineffectual personality.


This film is a must as it inspires you to think on this issue and after effect of the film is you get embroiled in meaningful discussion with a hell bent in tent.


The writer and director are to be saluted for first using up with this brilliant idea and script and secondly for having achieved a near perfect directed film. The actors were very good because they reached out to the audience exactly how the writer director wished for.


Absolutely 10/10 for the film. If Dr. Karan Singh chooses to be in the audience at DT Cinema, Vasat Kunj means you are in an intelligent company and you too deserve 10/10 for choosing to see this film- Ship of Theseus.

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