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by one of our readers : Nutan Lugani


This  review comes with a warning  -  it  is written by a hard core  SRK fan who from DDLJ times has being seeing SRK films first day first show!


What  a  SRK  film  was  :  Deep  romance  always  dil  se,  warm relationships, emotional hero who stood for good values, strong story and character progression,  love which was generous and graceful, moments of awakening, soft music, et al.


What  this  SRK film  is  :  bantering,  travesty  of  relationships, wimpish  hero,  no  story,    no  characters  only  caricatures, hamming meaningless meandering in the name of love and loud cacophony as music !


SRK and Rohit Shetty even  indulge  in self deprecating humor, with Deepika asking SRK if he is older than 50, but these shots at creating forced laughter fall  flat because there is no story, no plot  just  a  series  of  illogical  happenings  and  cardboard characters. SRK  tries hard, in  fact  too hard, and you watch his facial  contortions  and  neck  muscles  going  into  spasms but nothing moves  the  audience. The heart  bleeds for  an  actor who used  to be effortless and chose stories which touched our heartstrings. First day, first show at Odeon elicited no whistles, no  clapping,  no  cheering  and  pathetic  laughter  from  the audience. Maybe the audience is changing... I asked two young girls  if  they  were  watching  the  first  show  for  SRK  and  both screamed  denial...    One  was  a  Deepika  fan  and  the  other  a Rohit Shetty fan who was angry at him for not taking Salman!


Would Like Rohit Shetty to answer the following questions:

1. Why does SRK not runaway from the train  itself? The movie could end in 15 minutes!


2. Why  is he  shown  as  a  complete wimp who cranes  his  face and neck muscles all the time?


3. Women being bartered in marriage is tragedy not comedy and that  she  still  needs  a  wimp  to  rescue  her  from  a  gorilla  is travesty. Why?


4. Why is SRK a halwai? How the mighty have fallen!

5. Did your best friend Ajay Devgun bribe you to make mockery of SRK?


And suggestions for SRK, which he will never heed - 


Please get back to doing films with sound scripts, well meaning, mature  characters  who  are  firmly  etched,  with  older  heroines who  don't  poke  fun  about  your  age.  Please  grow  up  because DDLJ  happened  more  than  20  years  ago  and  the  audiences have  grown  up.  Your  diehard  fans  are  older  and  greying  and would  love  to  see  you  in  serious  films.  I read  a  recent  Vir Sanghvi  article  on  SRK  proclaiming  that  SRK  no  longer  cares about what others think of him, if that is true then an intelligent, smart and lovable actor will start losing it.


We miss the SRK of Swades, Veer Zara, Chak De! 

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