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Ram Leela

By Nutan Lugani


Guns, bullets, screams and seemed as if Bhansali had gone the Anurag Kashyap way, marrying sex with violence. What salvaged the movie was the GLITZ.... the colourful costumes, the aesthetic sets, the palette of colours, the beauty of Kutch, the mesmerizing girls with the tattoos , the kohl lined eyes and the swirling lehngas. The chemistry between Deepika and Ranveer was crackling but some scenes were not in sync with the unabashed and free nature of Leela....... when she rushes to buy sindoor before consummation of the marriage, when she is violently dragged down the streets of the town by her cousin, when she signs papers without reading .


In Bhansali's world women still need to be protected from avarice and rape, they do not understand the modalities of business, they rely on hearsay and male cousins to take care of finer details and it is this deep contradiction in the movie which is so disturbing, as the women appear progressive in matters of sexuality. It was ironic that on the day we were watching guns and roses, real time tales  were unfolding in India ... tales of sex, sleaze and violence , of jails and prison times. Deepika was all grace and beauty while Ranveer   lived the part of a Lothario. However, what we all will remember long after is the menacing Supriya Pathak , the eyes, the short unpredictable laugh, the mood swings, the sudden anger and the swift  picking up of the nutcracker , all without remorse. One of the best scenes in the movie belongs to her, when she is bedridden and Deepika nurses her and suddenly she notices her broken finger... Deepika's  best lines were reserved for this scene as she lovingly, achingly tells her mother '  ab dard nahin hota'

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