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Couldn’t believe Bollywood could sing an intelligent tune and this is exactly what the movie is. A movie that finds base with audience as the treatment is in keep with the likes and dislikes of today’s generation, it is in total sync with them. The idea of keeping the honeymoon date to Paris and Amsterdam even after the wedding ceremony is cancelled is a totally new idea only thoughts of in the sphere of imagination and dreams.
The actors playing the roles of Rani, Kangana Ranaut and her friend in Paris, Vijay Laxmi are so real (Lisa Haydon) are so real that you forget that they are playing actors.
All the persons from Japan, France, Russia and Italy to come to the help of Rani , a global set up with the Indian content upfront is not only entertaining but flows like poetry with all its rhyming in place.
Talking of music – imitating Byan’s style there was music around, there was music in Rani’s grief and her journey. And evolvement out of Rajouri, Delhi into a bigger space, there was music in her, there was music in our ears. In short, an entertaining film with a subtle intensity that stares at you from frame to frame. 

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