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Sleep Tight (2011)

By Anushree Ghosh

Language (Spanish)

Director: Jaume Balabueró

Written By: Alberto Marini

Cast : Luis Tosar, Marta Etura, Alberto San Juan


Sadism inflicts the prey ludicrously when blissfulness makes habitat outside the mind. Infuriating waves inculcated in Ceaser’s mind struck other people in vicinity. Dir Jaume Balagueró intertwined myriad emotions with a powerful screenplay.  He builds the entire block on the base of the universal factor of motivation. One needs motivation in life to survive, the motiveless, clueless, monotonous life can darken the space of brain and infect it via thoughts of brutality, on which one starts to feed as a parasite. The darkness leaves no room for happiness but sustenance becomes possible only through rubbing the rays of bright hope that is surrounding.


Watching the film is like consuming a slow poison, layer by layer the venom gets spread and the antagonist watches every bit of it. Imagine someone having access to your home and everything you have and then sleeping with you without your knowledge, even the thought itself is creepy and the scenes too. The psycho thriller is based on Ceaser’s mental instability to accept other people’s happiness when he cannot get satisfied with his life.


Clara ever readily gives a curvaceous smile and is always living life to the fullest, Ceaser, who is the concierge and has access to all the apartments, in order to wipe that smile from Clara’s face, does various stuff. Creepily waiting for Clara, under her bed, he abuses her in sleep every night. Clara ignorant of this greets him every day with her sunshine smile and Ceaser becomes all the more motivated to wipe it off her face, he redundantly accepts this in front of his sick mother who has been hospitalized and cannot respond verbally.


The scene where Ceaser gets stuck in Karla’s apartment and tries to escape in the morning without getting noticed is very cleverly shot and manages to give Goosebumps to its viewer. And the murder scene is a phenomenal depiction of bloodshed and gore death. The movie leaves with a strong impact to retain after watching it.

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