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Khan Market: Sinful splurging. No regrets
By Prakriti Kargeti
Address : Khan Market
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“My name is Khan Market and I am expensive”, says this 60 year old market place with the confidence of glinting showrooms and stores. The market was recently ranked the 21st costliest market in the world, which makes it the most expensive market in India. Established in 1951, Khan Market carries a history with itself like many other markets in Delhi do. To begin with, the market is named after Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, a political leader who worked in close alliance with Mahatma Gandhi in order to prevent the partition. Its establishment in 1951 witnessed many immigrants from North West Frontier Province dwelling there in that area. Today, very few families can be spotted as it has turned into a full-fledged market place.

What does Khan Market hold for you today? It holds with itself yearlong trust with the retail outlets running there. All the stores and showrooms vouch for quality. It is an upmarket place and therefore attracts crowd from the vicinity, which is all the more affluent. It is close to India Gate and surrounded by residential complexes, both government owned and private, namely Golf Links, Lodhi Estate, Shahjahan Road, Pandara Road, Rabindra Nagar and Sujan Singh Park. Its proximity with Lodhi Gardens, India International Centre, India Habitat Centre and India Islamic Centre,also makes it a very frequented place.
The market has a wide range of products and services to offer, ranging from grocery to clothes, artefacts, cosmetics etc. To begin with the very basic, Sugar and Spice a grocery store would make your bucket full with cheese, meat, salami, breads, organic products like green tea, organic eggs and all that you can imagine in your list of one-month-household-items. Anand grocery store is another one in the same line. If you are a fan of Willy-Wonka chocolates, then find yourself ‘Wonka-Nerds’Candy’ near the cash counter. There are other stores which sell fresh vegetables, difficult to find in a normal mandi. Sham Di Hatti( Sham’s Shop), named like a usual Amritsarishop, sells good quality modern looking kitchenware. Jewellery shops are another spectacle which is frequented. Amrapali, Silverline and many others are there to lure you to possess what they display. If giving your home a makeover or finding that one missing artefact for your drawing room is in your mind, then this might be the best option for you.

Picturesque Paintings, Oma, Goodearth, Swaroskvi and Capital Art Gallery have a lot for you in their stores. Festivity is quite visible as you walk the lane with shops being beautifully decorated with the Christmas trees, Santa with the big bag, decorative hangings and other things. Fragrance and Kriti, stores which go festive every season, could be your destinations if you plan to decorate your house this Christmas. The adjacent LokNayakBhawan, houses many shops with the prominence of lighting fixtures. It is famous for the electric candles, lamps and other decorative lighting fixtures. Among the famous shops are the KapoorLampshala, Bohemia lights, Ankur lights and others. Another adjoining market is the Prithviraj Market, which is famous for meat shops. You can buy a huge chunk of different varieties which can settle you for a month for your carnivorous cravings. As for the quick bites in Khan Market, Big Chill which has opened two parlours in the same place has quite a name. You might see people waiting outside for their turn to come. McDonald as obedient as always is present here too. ArzaBibi Kebab, Khan Chacha and Chona would prove to be suitable for a family outing for lunch or dinner.

If you want to give bargaining a rest and totally indulge in splurging at the end of this year, then hear and follow when Khan Market beckons.

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Khan Market: Sinful splurging. No regrets

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