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See you at Sarojini
It's more than just shopping
Address : Sarojini Nagar Market
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Trendy shoes, apparels, bags, cosmetics, household stuff, antiques and everything you need – your top of the mind recall is Sarojini Nagar Market. It offers you bargaining power and variety. Tourists as well as local residents have much to explore; everything in your vicinity is colorful and fascinating. You would witness several changes, even if you make a trip to the place for two consecutive weekends.


Sarojini’s sellers have induced innovative techniques to grab attention; you can find people wearing vibrantly glowing costumes and standing in front of the stores to convert the passerby into customer. It is a place not only for shoppers but for photographers, wanderers and people who want to hang out and window shop. While scrutinizing the area, one can also find wall graffiti and other small artistic remains.   You can also satisfy your taste buds with delicious street food like pani puri, papad, momos, alu tikki and much more. Once you are in, several street hawkers would approach you, where you can observe their marketing strategies, and can even buy something after a skilful negotiation.


The exact imposter of any expensive product could be discovered, if you have patience and the eye to look for it. Disc-footwear for party lovers, high heels, traditional – western wear; availability percentage is maximum and it is not a wild goose chase if you can befriend the place.


The place is so huge that getting lost and tracing back becomes difficult at times, so thinking of getting back to a particular shop is a hard task if you are unaware of the place - memorizing landmarks is an easy way out. It is silent in the early hours but in the evenings, the aura of the place is electrifying and the vibrancy in the air with fast moving and chirping people creates fragments of enthusiasm in every bit.


Sarojini provides you with cheap trendy products and is a must visit for people who may or may not have any budgetary constraints but are dedicated shoppers; and certainly not suitable for people who prefer spending lavishly in air-conditioned shops which are not crowded.

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