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16 January 2019 l 04:04:42 PM      New Delhi, -18°C/ °F
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The curious cases of foreign encounters
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Just alongside New Delhi railway station is Paharganj that demonstrates a crazy mixture of all kinds of clothes, accessories, home utensils, arty-crafty stuff, Hukka, exclusive perfumes and junkies. Colorful, chaotic and charming – every bit of it attracts attention, whether the expert sales pitching style of the vendors, or the price range that varies tremendously in the same space. The area can be categorized as shady for its reputation of drugs, etc. but is extremely famous among foreigners visiting Delhi from different parts of the globe.

While strolling randomly in those lanes, we tried to analyze the reasons for its popularity among tourist.


Dylan from Canada, was enjoying his Biryani when in the most famous khosla restaurant when we approached him for his insights and shared his exhilarating experiences with us. All the way from Tunisia, Russia and Cambodia, Dylan landed in Delhi just to catch some ideas. He firmly believes that an idea can be generated from absolutely anything and everything. So, as a wandering soul he teleports himself from one place to another, and teaches music for livelihood. On asking about Paharganj, he praised about the good quality food and expressed his concern about loosing the integrity of this place, if not taken care in time. He thinks the shops can be ruined anytime and then there will be nothing but ashes left to get nostalgic. Dylan also thinks that people in India are extremely talented but they shy away from exhibiting their talents and they just need someone with a torch to show them the right way to success. Dylan keeps on visiting Delhi and religiously stays in Paharganj, he says –
‘ I have lifetime friends here’


Moving ahead in search of more insights, we met this extremely enthusiastic group of friends from Italy and Spain. They were there primarily for business and loved the place for its generosity as it absorbs people of all kinds. They received informal wives from the place that make them feel at home. They never had any stomach problem from eating there and they just love ‘Chicken Tikka’ & ‘Biryani’.


Jankrishna Dames, an artist from Holland is a regular visitor of Pharganj and relishes all the artistic elements of the place. He doesn’t like the well organized big shops which he says are the copied version of the west but finds joy in the ‘Small Desi Shop’. He wants the roads to be wider, so that people can roam freely without colliding with the traffic and save themselves from the honking that is intolerable at time.


Our sweet encounters with people from outside our country was a great interactive day but raised several concerns about our responsibility to provide comfort and ease for them with as much love as possible, so that they take back the tradition of India and not the chaos.


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