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The Sundry Sunder Nagar
By Prakriti Kargeti
Address : Sunder Nagar
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A market which is a veteran, a market which has seen the struggling India, the rising India, independent India and of course the incredible India, which the Indian tourism industry likes to call anything remotely associated with India. Sunder Nagar Market on Mathura Road , to the south of PuranaQuila and adjacent to the Golf Course, is more than 60 year old and has seen the changing country and therefore the changing tourists.

The market offers a lot of variety in Handicarfts, Antiques like brass wears, bronze works, wooden works and other similar artefacts for which the homemakers always hunt. The best the market sells are the antiques, which are primarily duplicates of the well-known original.  As Mr.SubhashKwatra, Vice President for Sunder Nagar Marketrightly puts it, the market does bring in a lot of foreign exchange for the country which has not only made the market favourite to the buyers but also to the government. He mentions how the market changed as the time passed, starting from the 1950s till today. As he observes, the market is a haven for handicraft items, yet new ventures haven’t stopped propping up from time to time. Today, one can find a number of jewellers in the market and even one textile store is also brushing shoulders with the old and the new players. Curio Palace, which is run by Mr.Kwatrahimself sells what the market is well known for i.e. antiques and handicrafts. The shop can make you fetch the best of the Indian art works for your home space.  Indian Arts Corner is another antique shop but it has its own merits. It is run by Gupta Bros. who together having been sitting in the shop having seen the market coming into its full bloom. This 1958 shop displays the best from the Indian karigari, from bone work to brass work, it has the finest to offer. Variety Arts, run by Mr.Narinder Singh, has its humble beginnings rooted to 1950s as a departmental store similar to ‘yester years’ Big Apple’. Later in 1982, the store underwent a changeover and became a full-fledged art store. If nautical instruments appeal to you, so will the ones displayed in Variety Arts. No they, are not imported but are very much Indian, being manufactured in the small town of Rorkee in Uttarakhand. Electro-plated Nickel Silver(EPNS) is another item for which Mr. Singh vouches.

As for Jewellery, you may head to Leela Jewellers, Moti Jewels Palace, Mayur Jewellers and others. If may want to wake up to the aroma of authentic Indian tea, then head to any of the tea shops for packaged tea. One of the best known is Regalia Tea House which sells Darjeeling Leaf, Green teas, White teas. They come in different packing, you may buy the self-use package or the gift packs. Coffee table books are also available at different book stores. Fiona Calfield’s Love Travel Guides and Lonely Planets are available at Mascot’s Book Shop and the famous Mittal Stores.

Food again is no ordinary in Sunder Nagar Market. Baci, an Italian restaurant which started in 2006, serves authentic Italian cuisine. SandeepRana, an attendant at Baci patiently serves to the visitors and with almost the correct accent presents the menu. Famous Fleix salad, Base Fish and Variety of Pizzas are at your service. Sandeep’s recommends Ortolana and Pizza Peperoni with salami among the Pizzas and the unique pasta Penne Con Gamberi e Zucchini in which Gamberi is the prawn. As for Indian snacks, head to Nathu’s Sweets and Pastry Shop and savour the Golgappas, Aloo-tikki, Malai Chap, Kalakandand other mouth-watering items.

Internet, magazines have all talked about Sunder Nagar Market and showered enough information. It is now your call to experience what has been heard, said and written about this lovely market.

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The Sundry Sunder Nagar

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