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Great and Grand….Great India Place!
By Prakriti Kargeti
Address : Great India Place
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If between a Mall and a Market, you were to choose, where would you prefer shopping? Well, we should not get into the debate as to how Malls have taken over Markets or Markets never lose their charm no matter which big mall is adjacent to it. But those who would prefer a mall over a market, here is an overview of one such famous mall. The name is GIP and all Delhiwallahs know it well. Great India Place or GIP as it is famously called, even on a usual day bustles with crowd. It doesn’t need any special occasion for crowd pulling. Although located in Noida, it is a frequent destination for all Delhiwallahs. Ring Road and Delhi-Noida-Delhi flyover have made it even easier and quicker to reach GIP.

The USP of GIP is the variety it provides. GIP is not merely a mall, but a ‘mall-in-all’. How do you define ‘mall-in-all’? Well, it is simply a mall with almost everything included in it. GIP, as the managers would like to call, is an entertainment city. It has to be one of the best, as the amusement parks which GIP offers are constructed by the same company  which brought in ‘AppuGhar’ in 1983, i.e. International Amusement Limited. Clypso Bay and Worlds of Wonder ( WOW), these two amusement parks offer enthralling rides with just an entry ticket of Rs. 100.

The main attraction for any mall would be shopping. GIP, with its three storeys and the basement area as well, provides the buyers and window shoppers with the best of the brands. Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Life Style, Globus, Max Lifestyle and many other famous brands welcome you with their pompous displays. Pantaloons hallucinates women with its offer of ‘three kurtis for Rs. 1500’. Others also run discount offers owing to the arrival of winters. GIP categorically boasts many leather and luggage brands like Da Milano, Hi Design, Samsonite, VIP and Wildcraft.  

You will notice great number of youngsters hanging around with the word ‘BUNKED’ written all over their faces. It is their hangout destination not only for window shopping, but also for movies. The empty classes on weekdays may the reasons in GIP. The morning movie shows at cheap rates has been attracting college students for quite some time. If you are one of those, you know what I am talking about and for others this might be nostalgia of good old days. Apart from the movie shows, Costa Coffee, Barista and Café Coffee Day have become another attraction for youngsters who want to chit chat and have a gala time over a cup of coffee.  Ice cream parlours like Gelatos, Baskin Robins and Slurp, all these have their nice and cold small den set up here. Next to these high priced ice parlours, we have in competition, Angel McDonalds with its Rs. 10 soft serves and others.

For some more serious ventures, GIP has some of the best restaurants at your service. The variety is appalling and offer food from almost everywhere. Cube In Ice, The Sports Bar for continental food and PindBalluchi, Masakali, SagarRatna, The Kathis for Indian cuisines. Yo China!, Noodle Express, Crazy Noodles, Mandarin Trail, as the names suggest claim to serve authentic Chinese food. You will also feel tempted to grab a bite from Street Food of India to tickle your spicy Indian bone. TGI Fridays offer American and Mexican food. Mad Over Donuts is another interesting place to hangout with friends for some non-serious ghup-shup.

The book lovers would be delighted to see the first editions of ‘Casual Vacancy’ on display which are available at Om Book Shop at the ground floor. Though the book shop doesn’t provide with discounts, one thing it offers is the wide range from almost all the fields.

Verdict time! After a lengthy description, what would be your verdict on GIP? Well, this might attract you towards the mall, but how will you know unless you see!! GIP demands a visit.

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Great and Grand….Great India Place!

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