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Mom, said it…

My mom’s voice echoes in my ears “Malvika be grateful for all that you have…” every time I begin to feel miserable about myself or the way my life is going. She says don’t be superficial “say it (thank you god) like you mean it”.

The honest fact of the matter is yes, I am grateful and thankful for all the wonderful people and things life has bestowed on me but as a child to a parent, can’t I just be honest and tell my god what is annoying me? Does that qualify as being ungrateful?

Yes, sometimes things/life cannot be perfect- but they can be perfect for you at least. My life is a far cry from being so perfect. I’ve made umpteen number of good decisions and a zillion horrid ones. Have been down and out for some time and have had my fair share of many ups.

When life gave me one joy the other seemed compromised. Don’t even get me started with God’s greatest form of test for us minuscule humans, the most dreaded “Patience”.

Read this almost everywhere; “God’s delay is not God’s denial”; ”good things come to people who wait” but if you think about it, doesn’t the wait deplete the most important thing from us – our time (for some their childhood and some their youth). By the end of it when finally (finally!) God decides it’s his time to give us what we’ve waited for, what if we don’t want it anymore?

I am sold the wisest and the most popular belief of “the law of karma” – as you sow so shall you reap. So is it that all the time’s someone speaks ill of you and/or abuses you (calls you names or hurts you with their rude and harsh words because of their own hatred or shallow thinking or because of their own insecurities) that I have done something to deserve that as well.

Some life experiences have made me feel that being nice actually comes with a hefty price, whereas there is no cost involved to be bad. Yet repeatedly we try in our ways to be nice by being compassionate, putting ourself in other people’s shoes, understanding them, asking for forgiveness and forgiving easily, and reasoning with our thoughts so that we don’t hurt anyone else or cause any pain to the other. But somehow we still manage to be the “not so good one”; Why?

I always have a sense of wonder for the people who demand to be treated in a certain way. Have those people ever thought of first treating others in the same way they want to be treated?

For once it would be nice if we take the time to care for the other, ask for the other person’s well-being even if it requires you to check on that one happy go lucky friend who seems to always have a cheery disposition. Stop, pause, and ask if all is well with them.

My complaints to God for all the delays, denials, and dismissals may never stop. Maybe they will in time reduce and honestly why should I not tell my almighty that today seemed a bit off. Maybe tomorrow you can give me my miracle and I promise to always be good.

Maybe I will.


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