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A candid conversation with Classical music maestro and creator of the Mohan Veena Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on his vision for a perfect world resulted in this piece. The Grammy award winner had an almost utopian view of how the world should be. His innocence as a musician is revealed as one progresses with the conversation.

Here are excerpts from the chat.

There would be peace and equality

Pandit ji feels that serenity in our environment is vital. For that it’s important that everyone is content. We all need to eliminate unhappiness as it is the root cause of unrest. It is so important that people’s grievances are given a fair hearing and that needs empathy in society.  It’s also important that we eradicate inequality of any kind based on caste, religion, race and more commonly economic status. 

The icon feels that everybody comes with a purpose and identifying that helps in leading a healthier life. According to him giving back to the world is more important than any other goal.

A clean environment would be a priority

To me a clean environment is more than just physical hygiene; it means having a clean mind, a pure consciousness devoid of complexes, free of dispute and conflict.  One must take care of one’s mind and this needs to be a global awareness if humanity is to sustain as a race. 

He also feels strongly about conserving natural resources. “We don’t realize that in as little as 50 years we will be facing a disaster of mammoth proportions caused due to shortage of water. It will become the most rare commodity,” he said thoughtfully

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Love & Joy would be the greatest values

But beyond everything else is love. Unconditional love is the most important value this world needs to learn. I would tell people to spread love across humanity. Love cures everything. Joy heals all and I do believe that we spread a lot of joy through music as it uplifts and gives you the sense of being closer to God. Music connects your soul to God and this the world needs in copious quantities. One can’t help but agree with the classical maestro’s belief that a world with more music would have to be a harmonious place.

Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

History would be respected

He feels it is important to educate people about history accurately. He went on to say that if he could impact the education system across the world he would make it mandatory for students to be taught about great personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw and Swami Vivekanand as this knowledge would enrich the world. 

Education would include skill development

One of the most important points that Pandit ji made during this conversation was about linking the education system to skill development. “Books alone do not teach you how to live life. It’s important to teach people skills that they can use to earn a living. While doctors and other such professionals have their value in the world, I would encourage teaching technical skills as part of the education system which would empower and equip people to earn a living in a simple way if required,” said Pandit ji.

Respect for Knowledge and Scholars

As a musician who has spent his life learning and honing his art as well as training many young musicians, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt has a lot of respect and places a lot of value on honouring scholars from every field, be it music, literature or science.  He feels that as a world we need to value what these geniuses have contributed to the expansion and learn from it. 

I would abolish religion

And as a parting shot, Pandit ji said what only a musician or an artist can say so articulately. “Religion, as it exists today, is the root of all conflict, hatred, and violence in the world. We should create a religion common to all humanity across the world. 

I would like to spread the message – Be happy and spread happiness! Be beautiful and make the world a beautiful place!” – Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt


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