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We cannot possibly trace back the history of art but it has changed its fluidity with every decade and century. It covers a wide range of human activities – it could be visual, auditory, or performing art. Colors glorify the white spaces of a canvas and the much-desired interplay of strokes and colors create rhythmic alliterations that recite the monologue of virgin poetry. 

For centuries different forms of art have played a vital role in shaping the history of mankind. Early man’s cave paintings, stone age carvings, Egyptian pyramids, renaissance, realism, romanticism, surrealism, abstract and modern art – all these eras dogmatically reshaped, revamped, and reinvented the artistic appeal every time. There were constant adaptations and experimentations for creating masterpieces that can stand high on intellectual grounds. Some art forms retained their status and were carried forward by admirers but the others were on the verge of extinction, only to be rejuvenated later.

To spent a day admiring the art in/around Delhi, here are a few things Delhi Diary suggests:  trip to a local museum, watching an insightful play at the local theater, or watching a good movie (with the ongoing pandemic, we don’t have too many options, however, one can look out for whatever is going on in the city), 


Take out a day to celebrate creativity and the existence of art in our lives. 

  • Visit the National Gallery of Modern Art Jaipur House, Sher Shah Road – It houses over 100 paintings by this meteoric artist.  Born of a Sikh father from an aristocratic, land-owning family, and a Hungarian mother, Amrita Sher-Gil’s life veered between Europe and India. She was blessed with beauty, breeding, charismatic personality, and extraordinary talent as a painter. 
  • Pay a visit to Champa Gali: Explore café, coffee and check out for slam poetry events that keep on happening in the vicinity.  
  • In the evening, explore the galleries at Lado Sarai – This lane has sprouted with art galleries. Explore for yourself – the kind of work you love. 
  • Go home and watch ‘Midnight in Paris’ by Woody Allen and fall in love with Van Gogh and Paris. 

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